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» » BratPrincess: Brianna, Natalya, Chloe, Lola Dannis Little Sister Given Authority Over Him: Part 1-2 [FullHD 1080p]

BratPrincess: Brianna, Natalya, Chloe, Lola Dannis Little Sister Given Authority Over Him: Part 1-2 [FullHD 1080p]

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Date: 21-11-2017, 01:13

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    BratPrincess: Brianna, Natalya, Chloe, Lola Dannis Little Sister Given Authority Over Him: Part 1-2 [FullHD 1080p]

    Title: Dannis Little Sister Given Authority Over Him: Part 1-2
    Porn Studio: BratPrincess
    Released: 2017
    Genre: Femdom, Humiliation, Mental Domination, Taboo, Gender Transformation, Sissy Training, Chastity, Shoe Worship, Financial Domination, Behavioral Modification, Female Supremacy
    Time: 00:14:41 + 00:10:58

    PART 1
    Dannis mother, Brianna, and sister, Natalya, have been having problems with his behavior at home. They take danni to a behavioral counselor. Natalyas friend, Chloe, comes along. Danni is made to stand in the corner while the women discuss what to do about him. Natalya explains to the counselor that danni has been very disrespectful to the women in the household, he even called her a bitch. The counselor observes that danni is having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that he is a beta male, and therefore inferior to the beautiful women in his family. He has been acting out. The counselor recommends that Natalya be given greater authority over her brother, so that he understands that throughout life he will always be subservient to beautiful young women. She recommends that Natalya begin to discipline her brother for the disrespect he has shown. Natalya immediately grounds her brother. The counselor thinks that grounding is a good start, but she encourages Natalya to punish him further. Natalya makes her brother get on his knees and kiss her shoes. Danni resists, but all the women insist that danni respect the authority given to his younger sister. The four women overpower danni. They make him go around the room and kiss all their shoes. Danni is embarrassed to lick the counselors shoes in front of Chloe. Danni has a crush on Chloe and does not like to appear submissive in front of her. The women make danni do it anyway. While danni is licking shoes, the women decide to sell dannis beloved comic book collection to teach him to be more selfless. The money can go towards new items for his sisters wardrobe. Danni objects. The frequent objections on dannis part cause the counselor to recommend that danni begin to see her for hypnotherapy. The hypnotherapy will help danni let go of his own feelings, and make danni more compliant. The counselor also recommends that Natalya formally collar her brother. The collar is a symbol that he is in submission to his younger sister. Natalya eagerly puts the collar on danni. Then, danni is sent out to bring the car around. After danni has left, the counselor recommends a total gender transformation for danni. The gender transformation will be a multi-step process. First, they will put danni into a new, state of the art chastity device called The Vice. Then, they will begin cross-dressing and gender re-training him. Danni will never be a real man, anyway. He will make a much better sissy.
    PART 2
    Putting a boy into chastity for the first time is a very exciting time in a young womans life. Brianna and family counselor, Lola, have gathered Briannas daughter, Natalya, and her friend, Chloe, for the girls first talk about chastity devices. Brianna and Lola are excited to introduce the girls to the world of Keyholding. Natalya has had some experience seeing her father in chastity, but is just now ready to start holding keys of her own. It will be great to start her off with her disobedient brother, danni, as the first boy she locks into chastity. Both Chloe and Natalya are very excited to start Keyholding. Both young ladies are so lovely, they will soon have many, many boys in chastity. Lola introduces the girls to a state of the art chastity called The Vice. Its a product she highly recommends to the families who come in for counseling. Lola explains some special design features that make The Vice a good choice. After hearing about the unique anti-erection, anti-pull out mechanism, Brianna is enthusiastic to get her husband into a The Vice as well! Danni is then called into the room. Natalya reveals to her brother that she is ready to start Keyholding, and he is going to be her first boy in chastity. Danni does not want to go into chastity, and he does not want his little sister to hold his key. Hes rushed off into the bathroom anyway, and told to get into The Vice. When Danni re-emerges from the bathroom, wearing his new chastity in the color his sister has chosen, the women all gather round and gush. Everyone is very excited to see Natalya close her first lock and collect her first key! As Natalya collects her brothers key, the women applaud. Danni looks hopeless. Danni is once again sent out to bring the car around. Once danni is out of the room, Lola recommends that danni be castrated. Chastity is a good start, but its just a start. Step one is getting danni into chastity. Step two is adding the locking mechanism of The Vice to punish unwanted erections with physical discomfort. Step three is removing the testicles altogether. Dannis mother and sister start to plan his castration. Chloe cant wait to attend, and Natalya wants to cut the cord herself. Brianna and Lola are all smiles at the girls enthusiasm. The clinic is booked up far in advance for castrations, but in the meantime, the women can start doing some family pegging training at home with danni. It will help get him used to his new life as a gelding and a sissy. Brianna plans a weekly schedule for her sons peggings. Natalya is excited to help her mom train her brother, and Chloe cant wait to humiliate him by coming over to watch.

    Quality: FullHD
    Format: MP4
    Size: 1.91 GB

    BratPrincess: Brianna, Natalya, Chloe, Lola Dannis Little Sister Given Authority Over Him: Part 1-2 [FullHD 1080p]BratPrincess: Brianna, Natalya, Chloe, Lola Dannis Little Sister Given Authority Over Him: Part 1-2 [FullHD 1080p]

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