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hotmilfsfuck: Angelina Pretty Little Hate Machine [HD 720p]

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Date: 12-09-2023, 11:27

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    hotmilfsfuck: Angelina Pretty Little Hate Machine [HD 720p]

    Porn Studio:hotmilfsfuck
    Released: 2023
    Genre: Blowjob, Facial, MILF, Straight, Toys
    Time: 1:16:49

    So let me introduce to everyone Angelina Moon, todays hot Milf by definition who seems to be quite nervous and is hoping for some great sex today because according to her, its been years since shes had any. Well having one kiddo at home will certainly put a damper on ones sex life. You know something else that will put a damper on a hot womans sex life? Being sort of a bitch will do it and if it werent for the fact that both Tyler and Angelina are being paid to fuck each other I dont think this pair would have ended up together in this or any other parallel universe. You see Angelina doesnt quite know what she wants and it appears she wants it all. Lets see, she wants great sex, well we all want that, but is annoyed by all the men that hit on her. Yeah, its going to be one of those days Tyler Im afraid and you have your work cut out with this ex-stripper, I mean exotic dancer, excuse me. Dont want any of her man hater death rays or vibes to be pointed or waft in my direction because red flags were waving from the start and I cant for the life of me understand why you havent met your prince charming yet. Lets see, we also find out that our little man hater is a bit of a SIZE Queen who prefers girth to length, and when we asked her to show us with her hands what a big cock looks like at (2:38) she appeared to be quite confused and gestured with her hands and fingers a diameter a new born baby could easily walk through. Listen dear, its hard enough to find a partner who will satisfy you both intellectually and physically when one of your requirements is that the guy has to have a cock the thickness of an elephant. They dont exist and thankfully the interview settled down somewhat into earths atmosphere once we asked more about her sexual past at (5:14). You see her whole life changed at 19 after discovering the tub filler, and she had her First Orgasm ever while engaging in the joys of water boarding her clit as her legs were in the air and the water was forced onto that beautiful pussy while taking a bath. Its so fucking obvious now why women love to take baths so much. Anyways, we get it girl and the visual is hot as fuck. Now if you want to hear more about what turns this Milf on and how men seemingly annoy her and are disappointing in bed? By all means listen away, but let's get to the spankability of Angelina and once her clothes come off we get a look at why you have such large demands of your male partners. Your pussy is gorgeous girl, and even though you told Tyler to his face No Comment, when he asked you if he was your type, and that alone would most likely get your ass kicked out the door with most guys, I do give Tyler major kudos today for letting most of the man hater comments go in one ear and out the other because he let his dick do the talking today. You see Angelina obviously attracts toxic men who arent interested in pleasing a woman with the bitchy vibes she permeates the air she surrounding herself in. Its like a toxic pheromone or something. You know, the same way a skunk wards off any would be attackers, and havent you heard you catch more flies with sugar than vinegar? Anyways, back to her gorgeous vagina, which Tyler began licking at (17:37) immediately after her first of many Orgasms of the day and this woman likes to cum. Sex Toys, and specifically Large Vibrators, are this womans bedtime companions because she likes clitoral stimulation. Her O face during orgasm #2 at (20:11) is a common look for her as Tyler probed her with a Glass Dildo and tortured her clit with the Magic Wand while her legs flailed about, and this initial burst of pleasure sets the tone of todays exchange of money for sex. This is also about the time that I suspect Angelina probably felt she should have been nicer to her male dance partner because Tyler treated her and her orifices like the true professional he is. Its the same way he treats all the girls holes that land on our bed, and she loved it. Next its Blowjob time and Tyler had to keep reminding her to not use her teeth, which she does subconsciously or consciously depending on your level of how much you believe she hates men, while on his way to inducing a Squirting Orgasm #3 at (23:49). Next he tells her to get on her back so he can fuck her in Missionary and Orgasms #4 and #5 were right around the corners at (27:22 and 29:37) while she rubbed that small pussy for dear life. You know its amazing what happens to girls when someone fucks them properly, and this was never truer or illustrated more accurately than at (31:00) during the BTS as Tyler asked Angelina how long she normally has sex for. Not very long, she said with a girlish giggle as she coyingly grabs her legs and acts like a little schoolgirl who has a crush. Its both shocking and amazing at how just 15 minutes earlier Angelina was telling Tyler To-His-Face that shes glad she doesnt have to date him. Well Im sure the feeling's mutual dear because after thoroughly fucking her in Side Spoon Butt Burger position and bringing her to Orgasm #6 at (34:19), Tyler spun her around and put her into restraints and began to take out his aggressions on her throat as he Face Fucked her until she Gagged and threw up a little at (37:20) saying "sorry" immediately after because the sex is finally good in her life and she doesn't want Tyler to stop paying attention to her. Feelings are a two way street honey and Tyler further solidified this point that not all cocks are created equally as he fucked her in Lazy Doggy to Orgasms #7 and #8 at (41:35 and 42:39). Good job buddy because Im not sure I could have shown Angelina the same courteousness you showed her by giving her something shes never had a guy do before. Thats right, Tyler gave her a Creampie at (1:05:02) and then jumped up to give her a Facial and came in her mouth, which she eagerly opened like a hungry baby bird to taste and swallow. Honey you need to get fucked properly more often is all I have to say, and Im guessing that would be more frequent if you would just gave off a more feminine and less bitchy vibes. Just saying.

    Quality: HD
    Format: MP4
    Size: 951 MB

    hotmilfsfuck: Angelina Pretty Little Hate Machine [HD 720p]

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